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Room tariff  includes breakfast
Lunch & Dinner by Pre order

Not a mere space, but an experience in itself; each of the eight rooms at The Art घर  invite you to live a journey through material & non material. Mindfully curated, all of our bedrooms are thematically laid and designed - each element, right from the choice of fabrics to the door knobs, put together to deliver a certain underlying message, a story or a feeling.

Warm and completely equipped as they are, our rooms are personal to each of the guests, and a quiet oasis that one could feel completely at home in. Well lit, ventilated, with the most comfortable study and seating, we've put our earnest efforts in making a space that you'd love to live in - whether for a night, a month or more.

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The state of being comfortable, healthy… not merely the state of being in good health, it goes way deeper than that, and is rooted in our emotions  - more often than not, our physical body is a manifestation of how our emotional and mental being responds to the ebb and flows of life. 

With a slow swing, gentle touches of color and soft tones, this space is designed to let you feel deeply and express yourself thought different creative mediums & forms. 

This spacious and thoughtfully built room will let you 'Be Free & Express'.

Ground floor

Room 10"X12"

Bathroom 4"X8"



Stories from the Indian subcontinent and its renditions, deciphered into the interiors of a room.

With a charming mix of rust, ivory & ‘kesari’ this space kindles a tryst with stories and their majestic characters. It envelopes the artistic expression, rituals, myths and gestures of Indian mythology and unravels the layered cultural meaning conveyed through men and myth. 

In essence, a beautifully sun-lit chamber with massive windows that will take you down the sequence, to a time of meaningful stories, inspiring characters and artistic story-telling, while letting you create your view of what we inherently understand of India’s history, it’s relation with religion and spirituality.  

First floor

Room 12"X13"

Bathroom 6"X8"



According to the Oxford dictionary, 'Jugaad' is a flexible approach to solve a problem that uses limited resources in an innovative way; and a bit more creatively so at 'The Art घर   '.

Re-using, Repurposing & Recycling have been practiced as a way of living in India for the longest time; to put available materials to best use - and that is what this room is about.

Outstretched into a balcony that gives the perfect sunset view, Jugaad is a well sized, comfortable and quirky room where we've up cycled and re-used several interesting materials for the up-do. 

It encourages one to look around and to be mindful of over consumption and waste. It's inventively frugal yet comfortable, with a utilitarian surprise in each nook. 

First floor & Balcony

Room 10"X11"

Bathroom 4"X8"



A quaint little cocoon for readers, writers and just about anyone who would love a warm, cozy and delightfully comfortable space to unwind in.

The nostalgic smell of books, complexity of words and the crispness of punctuations translated into the interiors of a sunny, airy & capacious room

An ideal space for an avid reader or someone who wants to escape for a while to write, ponder or to just be. 

With a vintage type-writer, old ink pens & pots, this room is like a warm hug on a winter day.

First floor 

Room 10"X8"

Bathroom 5"X8"



The faint scent of camphor and incense, racks stacked with candles against calming white & violet walls. 

Sthir is inspired by the practice of Indian ‘rishis’ - immersed in their meditation, in the pure and pristine Himalayas. 

A room, put together to evoke a sense of balance and serenity; earthy & awash with natural light, this space is our own rendition of a spiritual retreat that allows you take a moment and PAUSE. 

First Floor with Balcony

Room 10"X13"

Bathroom 7"X4"



India has two sides - the opulent, the flamboyant, the bright & the big.

But it's also a place that's bare; known well to live lavish on the very minimum. 

More than a want based, a need based way of living.

Premised on which is 'BARE'- a soft & minimal space for one.

A balcony led room that overlooks the garden. Devoid of any distractions - under-done in a way that it fosters simple thinking and way of being. A warm and humble space, full of natural light, crisp season's air and lots of room to think.

First Floor with Balcony

Room 11"X7"

Bathroom 7"X4"



Music has multiplicity of meaning, connotations of both pleasure and calm, of comfort and delight, of healing and peace.   This room is a journey to discover and dwell in the wisdom of Indian classical music, finding it’s most stunning and evocative representation during shifting seasons and ‘pahar’ through different ‘RAAGAS’.

Painted in the tones of saffron and ivory, this room is curated for those who love the sound of music.

Awash with natural light, soft linen spreads and subtle sounds of local instruments, this room is a delightful welcome for our guests.  

First Floor

Room 10"X8"

Bathroom 8"X4"



“Tread softly; you’re entering nature’s home ground.” 

Laid out for our guests in the most calming shades of nature, thatched with details that feel nurturing to the soul; elements of Ayurveda and slow living, etched tastefully into a spacious room, with clear glass slides and a lush, sprawling balcony. 

Complete with dense planters, this room is a serene sanctuary, a harmonious and peaceful space that fosters stillness and calm. 

Suite room

First Floor with a huge balcony

Room 14"X12"

Bathroom 11"X5"

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