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The Art Ghar is a quiet oasis, laden with lush pink bougainvilleas in the middle of the pink city; bright & free set in a 40 year old bungalow. Built with love & beautiful reuse of old furniture, locks, handles & fabric with an emphasis on slow living & self.

More than a stay, a studio or a store,  The Art ‘घर’ (literally meaning home) is a warm home that invites everyone to ‘be’. Awash with bright sunlight, dense trees and delicate flowers, each nook here is put together with utmost attention, love & care.

More than a space, we’re a thought, an idea that we’ve been nurturing since 2017! We chose to create a space that let’s each one of us express, belong and grow. 

The Art ‘घर’ is our endeavor to put-together a platform that becomes an outlet for your emotional, mental, spiritual & creative expression, a place that heals and fosters cohesive wellbeing.The Art Ghar is everything art and beyond.

It is where you think & unthink.

At The Art ‘घर’, we hope you find your ‘Home away from Home’

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